Terms of Agreement
All customers must agree to W. Fisher Bee Farms 'Terms of Agreement'

Pertaining to the purchase of a 5 frame nucleus colonies from W. Fisher Bee Farm:
Each colony WILL:
      Will have a minimum of 2 frames with brood on.  All stages of brood from egg to capped larvae are considered brood.
      Will have a minimum of 2 frame with honey.  Weighing not less than 3lbs.  Note; this frame sometimes also has brood, but is not part of the brood minimum.
      Will cover a minimum of 4 frames with live bees.
      Will contain reasonably good equipment.
      Will contain a viable laying queen.
      Will be paid in full before removal from W Fisher Bee Farm premises.     
All of the above is to be verified by Buyer before leaving our premise.
           If the customer is not satisfied at time of inspection and  W. Fisher Bee Farm agrees that the above minimums are not met.
           Then any deposit money will be returned in full via company check, post marked within 7 business days.
           The customer can come back at a later date to inspect nucs from a following delivery.

W. Fisher Bee Farm Will:
      Have been inspected by the state of Florida Apriary Inspection service and make any such papers available as needed.
      Have been inspected by the state of Pennsylvania Apriary Inspection service and make any such papers available as needed.
      Retain the right to receive a deposit on the box that contains the nuc and hold said deposit until the safe return of said equipment.
      Make every attempt possible to keep the dates of delivery, but retains the right to adjust as needed for weather and other concerns that may arise.

The purchase of a nucleus colony;
      Does not include the box unless otherwise agreed.
      Does not have frames exchanged as practiced at some other facilities.
      Does not make or infer any warranties after the removal of items from our premises.

Time is of the essence. 
      We can only hold nucs for a limited time.  Because most seasons they are on the edge of swarming when they arrive.
      If the customer can not pick up their nucs on the agreed days, W Fisher Bee Farm reserves the right to allow the next customer in line to take delivery.

A five frame nucleus colony does not contain 5 frames of brood!  This is a common misconception with beginners.
It is the buyers responsibility to check the quality of the nucleus before removing from W Fisher Bee Farm premises.
     If you do not feel comfortable checking them, then try to bring someone with you.  Or ask and we will try to get another beekeeper to assist you.
Buyer assumes all responsibility when item is removed from W. Fisher Bee Farms premises.
Do not bother to send us any other sales agreement terms.  It will be systematically DENIED!

To our Valued Customers:

This may all sound a little overboard but it is to save confusion at the time of the deliveries.
We at W. Fisher Bee Farm work diligently to make every customer as happy as possible.

Thank you so much.
K Wade Fisher

I agree to the terms